Investment Real Estate Division

Equity Partners International, Incorporated has diversified into investment real estate with cash flows from the Private Equity Division. Our strategy has been to consider highest quality income producing real estate as a hedge against volatility in financial markets. We concentrate our investments in real estate markets that are extremely limited regarding land expansion, such as mountain resorts, beach properties, historic properties, and very restricted development zones (i.e. Washington, DC Georgetown area)

Current investments are inclusive of single-family homes, condominium projects, and multi-family.
Regions and locales for our portfolio include California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Washington DC and  we have development efforts in place for several other regions of the US and Europe.

We are proactive in seeking partnering opportunities with real estate ventures that meet our criteria for investment. We also will consider master leases on idle properties, assuming the risks while “leasing up’ the properties with our team.

Our team of professionals will analyze various investment options for suitable real estate venture offerings in a very timely manner, and we have immediate liquidity for significant investment with competent and well-funded partners.

We have consistently applied conservative financing structures to our real estate investments, with low debt to equity ratios and sufficient cash flow to service debt and provide generous double-digit annual compounded investment returns over the last 15 years.

Our holding period for properties averages 7 to 10 years, and we take the long view on these opportunities.

Our Current Focus markets:

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