About Us

We focus on an aggressive and intuitive approach to getting you and your company significant corporate and personal wealth, and advising you and your team on innovative ways to preserve and grow that wealth. We have staff that is highly trained and dedicated to providing quality service in each of our divisions.

We are committed to providing you with the ideal financial solutions for all your company’s growth needs. Our advisory service begins with Private Equity innovation that funds growth. We can raise equity, debt and mezzanine structures appropriate to your company’s stage of growth and cash needs/cash generation. As your wealth grows, our experienced professionals endeavor to offer you the most financially sound advice for deploying corporate and personal capital in the most efficient manners. Our current capital raising methodologies, investment structures, and banking relationships guarantee that Equity Partners International, Incorporated clients and partners will succeed in the capital-raising marketplace.

Let us review your current needs and provide expert analysis and alternative business plan models to help your company achieve your financial goals. For your free initial consultation or if you have a capital and equity or debt issue that needs immediate attention, please email us at CEO@EquityPartnersUS.com or contact us today.